Save Money with Property Management Maintenance

Handling a home repair project on your own vs. hiring a contractor will always save you money, right? Generally speaking, yes. That is, assuming you can accomplish the same task with equal precision and aptitude as a professional and that you have the time.

However, when you’re a landlord with one or more properties—or an owner juggling many of life’s other responsibilities—the equation changes a bit. 

If you fall in this second category, it might be time to consider hiring a professional property manager. In doing so, you can actually save time and money on maintenance and repairs.

Property Management Repairs and Maintenance

In this article, we’ll discuss 4 surprising ways you can save money on property maintenance and repairs with help from an experienced property manager. 

Trusted Network of Vendors

Property management companies are all different in how they operate. One similarity, however, is that they all rely on a strong network of trusted vendors to be effective.

They have vendors who they trust because they have been vetted over the years. These vendors provide competitive pricing, are fully insured, and warranty their work. A good property manager will have multiple vendors for every facet of maintenance.

Property managers also have buying power to negotiate fair pricing on behalf of their clients and keep costs to a minimum. 

Keeping costs low can lead to more monthly cash-flow, and it ultimately makes your investment a profitable one. If you’re consistently paying retail value for 5-star companies for each and every maintenance issue that pops up, your cash-flow will quickly disappear.

Easier Troubleshooting

When hiring a property manager who focuses on keeping costs low, you may not need a vendor at all. 

Done correctly, whenever possible, a property manager should be diagnosing the issue prior to sending a vendor out to the property. Tenants have, for the most part, never owned property themselves and may not be aware of how to fix simple issues themselves.

That’s why a good property manager will make every attempt to first diagnose an issue over the phone and walk tenants through an easy repair. Many property managers use a library of “How to” videos as a resource for their tenants.  

We have one that covers very common maintenance issues, like a stuck garbage disposal, or an A/C backup. Taking the time to ask a few troubleshooting questions can oftentimes resolve the issue in a matter of minutes—without the fee for a professional service call.

Deferred Maintenance

Nobody likes to spend money when they don’t have to. However, with property management, we often need to spend money to save money. Most investors look specifically at cash-flow with a “if something ain’t broke, they ain’t gonna fix it” mentality.  

More often than not, however, this is a bad strategy. You can and should be performing preventative maintenance, especially on high-ticket items, to prolong their lifespan and save you money in the long run.

Take preventative maintenance on an A/C unit, for example. Having a technician regularly inspect for damages, check the coils, check the pressure and Freon levels, clear the drain line, and replace the filter can all extend the life of a unit 4 or 5 years!

Other preventative maintenance procedure may include

  • Checking for roof leaks
  • Testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
    Checking fire extinguishers
  • Flushing the water heater
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Tree trimming
  • Re-caulking showers and tubs

Many of these items are inexpensive, small fixes initially, but they could easily turn into expensive projects, if ignored.

More Time = More Money

Benjamin Franklin once wrote an essay in 1748 entitled “Advice to a Young Tradesman” that produced one of the most profound aphorisms ever—Time is money

We get caught up thinking we can save money by handling projects on our own, but we fail to recognize that our time is more valuable when spent elsewhere.

Real-Life Scenario

Say you’re a sales professional selling widgets and averaging $80 an hour in your full-time job. You’re also self-managing your investment property, and just spent four hours diagnosing a broken dryer, running to the store, purchasing parts, and then completing the repair. 

In the end, your cost is $320 in lost wages, plus the repair expenses. How much could you have saved if instead you focused on selling widgets and let your property manager use a trusted, discounted vendor to fix your maintenance issue?

This doesn’t even account for the inconvenience of stopping whatever you’re doing—whether that be vacation or family time—to complete a repair. Sure, you may enjoy the occasional project, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, nobody wants to spend their Saturday fixing an old dryer, right?

Or maybe you do. And maybe you have the time, expertise, and diligence for ongoing maintenance and repairs for your property. If you are one of these talented few, I applaud you! 

If you’re like many property owners, however, hiring a professional property manager means saving time, increasing your long-term cash flow, and gaining peace of mind knowing that your investment is being cared for and optimized to give you the best return.

Need Professional Property Management Maintenance?

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