Our Scope of Work

At The Realty Medics, we get a lot of questions about everything our team can do. As a full-service rental and property management company, chances are if what you’re looking for involves buying a home, selling a property, or renting a downtown space, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with our team!

Premier Property Management Company in Central Florida

Rental Property Search

If you’re a tenant looking for a new home, you can trust our team to help you find your perfect place. As a leading investment property management group, we have listed thousands of rental homes. From single-family units to townhouses and condos, we have a variety of property listings in highly desirable locations. We also offer exciting perks for highly qualified tenants, including a No Security Deposit Option.

As a renter, you enjoy peace of mind in knowing each rental undergoes an extensive inspection, ensuring your safety and comfort. We also carefully monitor the rent rates in each neighborhood and list a property appropriately to the market.

Residential Property Management Services

Owners, you have the ease and comfort of knowing that our experts can take care of everything for you. We’ll take photos, write compelling descriptions, and use a syndicated listing system that gets your property seen by far more prospective renters.

In addition, we also:

  • Provide rent analyses
  • Market your property
  • Screen high-quality tenants for your approval

When you approve a candidate, we ensure the lease fully covers both the tenant and the owner.

We understand that owners want different levels of support for their investment properties. So, we offer a variety of packages from simply finding appropriate tenants to comprehensive property management.

Additional services include:

  • Professional move-in/move-out inspections
  • Property maintenance
  • Rent collection
  • Leasing guarantees

We can also design custom property management plans that serve your specific needs. Contact us to learn more!

Payments and Accounting

After a renter moves in, we make rent payments incredibly easy with our online systems. President and Owner Ben Sencenbaugh, our in-house rocket scientist and former NASA engineer, created this system based on concepts utilized by the space program.

We support two centralized portals—one for tenants and one for owners—that offer 24/7 access to our five-star services, including monthly statements and IRS-compliant reports.

Rehab, Repairs and Maintenance Services

As we’ve said, before we list a rental, we conduct a thorough inspection, analyzing the rental property from top to bottom, to ensure it complies with all federal, state, and local ordinances. Ensuring a home is move-in ready minimizes tenant maintenance requests and complaints.

However, if a tenant does discover a repair or maintenance problem, they simply enter it into our maintenance request system. Once in our system, our experts quickly get to work to alert the owner, assess the situation, and offer solutions. Owners can choose to hire their own contractors or capitalize on the arrangements that The Realty Medics has with a variety of contractors or in-house services.

Real Estate Buying or Selling

As a full-service licensed real estate sales broker, we support our clients every step of the way with expert advice. From listing, receiving offers, negotiating, inspections, and closing, The Realty Medics have your back.

If you’re an owner of a rental home, you want the best return on your investment, right? That’s why we help buyers, like you, find solid investment opportunities or sell homes when it’s time to let go. We also consult with owners to figure out whether to rent out or sell current homes.

Need a Property Management Professional?

The Realty Medics conduct all activities in compliance with state and federal regulations. We also adhere to the Code of Ethics for the National Association of Residential Property Managers. 

It’s possible there is some aspect of rental and property management we haven’t covered. Go ahead, try to stump us. Call us at 321-218-4753 to speak with our team. You can also reach out via our renter contact or use our contact form online.