New to Central Florida? Check Out The Best Bars and Restaurants in Orlando

New to Central Florida? Check Out The Best Bars and Restaurants in Orlando

A rustic restaurant with a brick wall, mirror, wooden tables and chairs, olive couch, and lush plants, showcasing the best bars and restaurants in Orlando.

Whether you’ve just moved and are looking for the best bars and restaurants in Orlando or want to get to know the area better, we’ve got you. Here’s a list of some of our favs:  Downtown Orlando Mather’s Social Gathering  You’ll almost forget you’re in Florida in this historical speakeasy in downtown Orlando. Home of … Read more

Exploring What Tenants Want: Before You Buy, Will This Rental Property Appeal to the Majority of Tenants?

A happy couple signing papers for a new house, symbolizing the fulfillment of what tenants want in their ideal rental property

When real estate investors are looking to purchase a new rental property, they have to take personal preferences out of the equation and focus on understanding what tenants want. Instead, they need to understand their client base’s demographics and which amenities they want. If you’re looking to buy an Orlando area rental property, how do … Read more

Real Estate Property Management Fees in Central Florida Explained

A front view of a desk where a centered miniature house model softly blends into the background. In the foreground, keys rest on the left, coins are at the center, and stacks of coins rest atop paper bills on the right, symbolizing the intricacies of property management fees.

Investment property owners who choose to use a property management company may have questions about where their fee money goes. While we can’t speak for other organizations, when you work with The Realty Medics, we can explain real estate property management fees in Central Florida.  Common Property Management Fees Leasing Fee Finding the right tenant … Read more

The Real Estate Investor’s Essential Guide to Understanding Property Owner Statements

A man in a grey shirt is sitting in front of a large window. His attention is fixed on a set of documents, including property owner statements. On his right side is a laptop on the table.

When you own investment property in the Orlando area, how do you know if you’re getting a good return on your investment (ROI)? It starts by having the right data at your fingertips, especially when it comes to property owner statements. With The Realty Medics, you’ll always have access to vital information about your rental … Read more

5 Property Preventative Maintenance Must-Dos That Can Save Costly Headaches

A person in a tool belt with a hammer and level tool, inspecting the house exterior for property preventative maintenance.

As a rental property owner, you want to make sure your investment stays in good working order. Just like your primary residence, property preventative maintenance can prevent costly issues down the line. We recommend periodic inspections for every rental property, confirming tenant care and catching problems early while they’re still small. Air Conditioning In Central … Read more

Does the Investment Property Deal Make Sense? What to Look for Before Purchasing

A house with white walls, a light brown roof, a concrete walkway, and a 'For Sale' sign on a grassy lawn – an attractive investment property deal.

When you decide to add rental properties to your portfolio, how do you know if it’s a solid investment? It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to real estate investing, or a seasoned owner. Before pulling the trigger on any rental home purchase, smart investors ask themselves: Do the numbers for the investment property deal make … Read more

What’s the BRRRR Method and Could It Make Sense for You?

A man wearing a striped jacket and white hard hat stands in front of a modern white and black house, holding up a "For Sale" sign. This image captures the essence of the BRRRR Method and real estate investment.

Before now, you may not have considered owning rental property. With the costs of real estate these days, you’re probably thinking, I can’t even afford ONE house in the Orlando area! We feel you.  But what if you could put a far less down payment on a rental home in a better market? Then quickly … Read more

How to Buy Your First Investment Property

A miniature house model is being handed to someone else in an outdoor landscape. The house model is painted blue with two windows painted yellow decorated with purple flowers. There is also an overhead heart-shaped window on the model. This image symbolizes the joy of buying your first investment property.

Owning rental property is often hailed as an important part of a diversified investment portfolio; however, many don’t think becoming a landlord makes you an investor. But it does! If you’re just starting out, you may be unsure how to buy your first investment property in the Orlando area. Did you know a property manager … Read more

What is a Property Management Agreement?

Two people sitting at a desk discussing some paperwork.

Orlando area investment property owners who don’t want to self manage turn to property management companies. If you’ve never worked with a property manager, you may not be familiar with the process. Property managers will walk clients through how their company supports clients and ask the owner to sign a property management agreement. But what … Read more

How to Prepare for a Hurricane 

View of a beach during a hurricane. Rough beach waves and blowing palm trees.

Storm Watches vs. Storm Warnings Anytime severe weather is predicted, stay tuned into Orlando or local media channels for developments. Have plans in place for times when conditions deteriorate. Your safety is the most important consideration. Know the difference between a hurricane watch and a hurricane warning. A hurricane watch means hurricane conditions (sustained winds … Read more